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    Amber Auger, MPH, RDH

    The RDH on a mission to change the way we do preventive dental therapy.

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    Amber provides motivational programs with enthusiasm that will empower dental professionals to elevate their standard of career, and enhance their career.

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    Comprehensive learning modules and communitydesigned to support you with the clinical and business skills you didn't learn in school.

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    Join Amber at her upcoming Continuing Education lectures, industry tradeshows, consulting opportunities, and more.

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    Meet Amber and learn about her passion to change the way we do preventive dental therapy.

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    Read Amber's latest content from leading publications such as RDH magazine, DentistryIQ, DeW-Life and more.

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    Contact Amber to learn more about her programs, ask questions, and more.

Amber Auger Speaking


Providing motivational programs with extreme enthusiasm, Amber empowers dental professionals to elevate their career. Courses include but are not limited to: Public Health, Progressive Periodontal Protocols,  and more.

Courses by Amber Auger


A comprehensive list of current and past presentations by Amber. Interested in learning more on a specific topic listed? Check the corresponding Calendar page to find Amber’s next live, in-person education sessions. 


Thrive in the OP® was created to meet you at every stage of your career. When you leave school, you can feel like you are on an island. The membership is designed to support you with all of the clinical and business skills you didn’t learn in school.


Amber has published articles in multiple industry-leading publications including RDH Magazine, DenistryIQ, and DeW-Life. Clinical Technology Contributor, Monthly Columnist for RDH magazine, Content Manager for RDH: Graduate Newsletter.


Amber has been featured on podcasts such as A Tale of Two Hygienists, theTooth or Dare Podcast, Viva Learning Podcasts, and more. She covers topics ranging from patient care, self-care, clinical tips, and new technologies to consider. 

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Thrive in the OP®

Learn the business, clinical, and time management skills they didn’t teach you in school.

Thrive in the Op®

Learn the business, clinical, and time management skills they didn’t teach you in school.

Learn about the new Clinical Innovators® program.