The Dental Hygiene Detective

Advance Risk Assessments

There are many clues that provide evidence of disease, such as occusal wear, recession, bleeding, fissured tongues, erythemic tissues, incipient lesions and many more. Determining our patient’s high risk factors for oral disease and systemic health is multi-factorial and our role as dental professionals allows us to evaluate the first signs of disease. This program will help you and your team review the patient’s risk factor in-depth. While empowering the clinician to compare clinical technologies that align with the patients lifestyle to reduce decrease disease.

Recommended for all team members

Full Day


Review the role of pH in the caries risks assessment and learn to identify stages of demineralization and remineralization.
Learn how to expedite risk assessments to enhance patient education and prevention
Prioritize the patient’s high-risk factors to comprehensively decrease their risks of oral disease and systemic health.
Evaluate the latest clinical technologies and homecare technologies to decrease patients oral and systemic disease risks.

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