Progressive Periodontal Therapy

A Comprehensive Approach to  Periodontal Management

Identifying disease at its earliest stages is essential to prevent the progression of oral and systemic diseases. Proper classification of a patient’s risk factors and potential rate of progression enables the dental hygienist’s role to be fully maximized. This creates a practice that is in full alignment with the standard of care, resulting in raving patients and a thriving practice.

  • Access the 2017 APP Periodontal Classifications  and review case studies
  • Discuss treatment recommendations based on the patient’s stage and grade
  • Evaluate communication techniques to increase  patient acceptance
  • Discover common billing errors that prevent  insurance coverage
  • Review new and innovative ways to improve the  chairside experience for both the patient and the  clinician including voice recognition technologies,  instruments, and new home care items that will optimize patient compliance
  • Identify best practices of power instrumentation  and the latest hand scaling techniques


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