Entrepreneur of the Op™

Empower yourself and your career with a clear
roadmap to master the business side of dental hygiene. 
Learn how to become a high producer, ethically!

Build an essential foundation to not only excel within your OP but also the confidence to expand beyond it. 
Gain knowledge and skills to prove your expertise.

Imagine this for a moment...

You, the confident and capable RDH, have maximized your clinic day 

without burnout and you feel ready to expand your career.

You have everything you need to take the next step. 

If this sounds like where you want to be,


Entrepreneur of the Op™ will help you do

 exactly that!

Unlock the transformative insights from this intensive program

In this 90-minute intensive, I will not only talk about the essentials of becoming a high producer, I’m going to teach you how to do it!

We will cover…

  • Learn how to secure hygiene equipment budgets every single year
  • The secrets to becoming a high producer by diversifying your schedule
  • Treatment planning from a preventative model to increase patient compliance and guide patients in understanding the WHY
  • Embracing ethical production models that benefit both you and your office

Registration and Pricing

Spaces are limited, and the countdown has begun.
$ 59
  • SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2023
  • TIME: 12PM EST
  • Live Virtual 90-Minutes Session
  • Replay Access
  • ​​Entrepreneur of the OP™ Workbook

Don't miss this chance to expand your dental hygiene career!

Join me on September 30, 2023 for an experience that will take your
professional journey to the next level