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Increasing Chairside Efficiency and Patient Home Care Compliance Has your team plateaued in their patient acceptance of treatment recommendations? Turning treatment recommendations into completed treatment requires inspired clinicians who have the

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What Lies Beneath

Treating Periodontal Disease Systemically Over the last ten years, there has been an increased focus on oral and systemic health links. This course is designed to equip dental hygienists with

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Progressive Periodontal Therapy

A Comprehensive Approach to  Periodontal Management Identifying disease at its earliest stages is essential to prevent the progression of oral and systemic diseases. Proper classification of a patient’s risk factors

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The Dental Hygiene Detective

Advance Risk Assessments There are many clues that provide evidence of oral disease such as occlusal wear, recession, bleeding, fissured tongues, erythematic tissues, incipient lesions, and many more. Determining our

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Progressive Products

Innovations Every RDH Needs The culture of dentistry is changing vastly, especially as social media has changed the way our patients get information. This program is designed to go back

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Eye Health and Pain Prevention

Do you experience any type of physical discomfort? When surveyed three years post-graduation, a high average of hygienists have experienced pain. It is important to understand how proper lighting and

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