It’s Not You, It’s Your Saliva

When patients continue to have cavities, despite improvements in their oral health, it can be highly discouraging. This can lead to the disruption of their oral  health philosophy and create the belief that “cavities are  normal for me” or even “I just have soft teeth.” The pH of our patient’s saliva plays a vital role in the hard and soft tissues of their oral cavity.

We have the unique opportunity to identify a patients’  specific risk and provide treatment recommendations accordingly.


  • Review how the pH of the mouth influences  calculus formation and periodontal disease
  • Discover powerful communication skills to  increase the patient’s ownership of their current  oral health
  • Evaluate pH testing for your office and how to  implement it into a patient’s preventive visits
  • Determine how the oral microbiome is trained for  optimal health
  • Identify the link between imbalanced oral microbiome and systemic health

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